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Slapdick DC Video Up
October 24, 2008, 5:59 pm
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This is a short I cut for Bike Shorts 7 a couple weeks ago.  Footage from my trip to DC with Jav and Cole for the Slapdick tournament.  Starts off with some footage from the rainy (8 hour) drive down.  Followed by a sequence of bikes in a polo game without any emphasis on the game itself, and then the camera Brendan for a while.  Finishes off with a clip of each goal scored in the final game (Ken/Chris/Mark win 5-3).  Music by Grizzly Bear.

After consulting with my trusty sources (Chris), the first hit by Ian was revoked by said player and declared a shuffle.  Final score 5-3… for those who really need to know.

It’s best to watch the video on Youtube (click above twice) and select “watch in high quality.”


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